Stadium Sports Grill located in Madison, SD

With menu items such as Slam Dunk Sandwiches, what sports fan wouldn't want to eat here? The Stadium has all the advantages for game buffs! Hand-cut meats, generous portions, and a full bar are hallmarks of the Stadium Sports Grill, and you'll enjoy the pub's atmosphere!



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Stadium Sports Grill, Madison, SD


Madison, SD History

The present town of Madison was developed from the merging of two villages – Madison and Herman. The old village of Madison was first established along the south shore of Lake Madison. William Lee and John Walker were the first settlers of that area. The village of Herman was originally settled on the north shore of Lake Herman. Herman Luce and his son, William Luce, were the first settlers there. In January of 1873, Lake County was established. In the fall of 1873, Governor Burbank appointed three county commissioners to organize the county. The first business of the county commissioners was the selection of old Madison as the county seat. The town was platted and named in July of 1875. William Van Eps, the Sioux Falls town site promoter, named the town and Lake Madison because the lake and lake shore reminded him of his former home, Madison, Wisconsin. The town of Herman was platted in June of 1878 and grew to be a rival of Madison.

In March 1878, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Kennedy came to Dakota Territory -ninety miles beyond the operating line of the railroad. Kennedy secured a homestead and tree claim of 320 acres. At that time there were only about nine families in the county, all located in the lake area. In 1880, a survey was made for an extension of the southern Minnesota division of the Milwaukee Railroad to near the center of Lake County, crossing Kennedy’s land. The survey missed the old town of Madison by three miles, but passed through the town of Herman. Bitter rivalry grew between the two towns for the county seat. Wentworth was also a contender for the honor. Kennedy had little difficulty convincing the people of old Madison to relocate their town on his land.

Negotiations were made and he immediately platted the town, which he named new Madison. They made a proposition to the townspeople of Herman that they could have an equal number of lots in good locations if they would move their businesses to the new Madison. The Herman residents made a similar proposal, so little progress was made. A committee made up of three members of each town met to arbitrate the issue. After a meeting that lasted all night and several following meetings, still nothing was resolved.

About this time, the people of Madison learned that three buildings at Herman were for sale. Kennedy and two others quietly purchased the buildings and began moving the first one to the new Madison. When the people of Herman realized what was being done, they turned out in large numbers, many armed with weapons. But Kennedy and his associates had anticipated trouble and had a sheriff and several deputies on duty. The people of Herman realized opposition would be useless. When they saw the second and third buildings go, their worries deepened. When the committee met again, it was decided to let the railroad officials make the decision. When the officials decided in favor of new Madison, most of Herman agreed to move to new Madison on the original terms. The move to the town of Madison began in August of 1880.

This information from the Madison Chamber of Commerce Madison, SD


Stadium Sports Grill
203 N. Egan
Madison, SD 57042




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Located in Spearfish, Belle Fourche and Madison, SD.
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